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Our staff has years of experience in the industry of Catalytic Converters and Nonferrous Metal Recycling.


We have more than 30 years in experience in the catalytic converter purchasing and selling and also buying of nonferrous metals.
Bare Bright Copper
All Painted Siding
Aluminum Cans

We buy and sell all copper.

  Aluminum painted siding.   Free of foil, tin liquid or garbage, can be whole or crushed.  
Red Brass
Old Sheet Metal
Light Copper

Yellow or Red Brass.

  Aluminum Scrap   We buy and sell all copper.  
Copper Tubing
Copper #1
Brass Auto Radiators

Bare or Uncoated.

  We buy and sell all copper.   We buy and sell all copper.  
INS Copper Wire
INS Copper Wire

Aluminum Copper Radiators

  Bare, uncoated, stripped from all insulation, solder or paint.   Categorized by size of copper wire and plastic insulation  
Electric Motors
Cast Aluminum
Aluminum / Chrome Rims

Scrap compressor, starters, sealed units

  Found in auto parts, gas grills, patio furniture, etc.   By Weight or Piece