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Our staff has years of experience in the industry of Catalytic Converters and Nonferrous Metal Recycling.


We have more than 30 years in experience in the catalytic converter purchasing and selling and also buying of nonferrous metals.

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We buy Nonferous metals and Catalytic Converters.

Give us a call today and we will help you with the sell of your Catalytic Converter or Non Ferrous Metals.

We buy the following Non Ferrous Metals.  - Copper - Yellow Brass -  Brass Auto Radiators - Cu/Al Radiators( ACR) - Cu/Al Radiators (unclean) - Aluminum - Cast Aluminum - Old sheet Aluminum - Aluminum Cans - Al painted siding - Ins Aluminum Wire - Aluminum Cans - Stainless steel - Aluminum Rims/ Chrome Rims - Electric Motors - Aluminum Radiators - Starters - Alternators

We buy all Copper
Sheet Metal
All Sheet Metal

We buy Catalytic Converters

We also help with Shipping

The supply for Platinum Group Metals is increasing globally. These are the precious metals that are recovered from the processing of auto catalytic converters. HOCC is a global buyer of catalytic converters. We gather the scrap catalytic converters from salvage yards, part dealers, auto repair shops and core buyers. Please call our offices to get pricing and shipping or pickup information. If you are shipping internationally we can assist you from door to door.



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We buy all nonferrous metals and catalytic converters. Give us a call today so we may assist you with the sell of your Nonferrous metal or Catalytic Converter. Our friendly staff will gladly assist you.

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